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Cisco Spark

Available in: Jersey; Guernsey; Channel Islands; UK; International

Cisco Spark – a space for people to work better, together.

Cisco Spark is an app-centric cloud-based service that provides a complete collaboration suite for teams to meet, message, and call.

Create, whiteboard, and share, regardless of whether they are together or apart – in one continuous workstream. Before, during, and after meetings.


Spark Board

Cisco Spark Board is a touch-based 3-in-1 collaboration system – it combines wireless presentation, digital white boarding, and video conferencing. Designed for richer collaboration, it connects physical and virtual meeting spaces through Cisco Spark services. Team members can access meetings and content through their Cisco Spark app-enabled device of choice.

Why JT for Cisco Spark?

JT is a certified Cisco Premier Partner, and the only provider in the
Channel Islands with Advanced Collaboration Architecture
Specialisation status; expert in a delivering and supporting Cisco
technology, meaning you can access best-in-class products
and services, technical support, productivity tools to help your business succeed:

  • Cisco Spark enables your people to be more efficient and productive through collaboration regardless of location or size.
  • Providing 24/7 access to communication applications through a familiar interface with integrated and tailored collaboration solutions, resulting in enhanced business responsiveness.
  • Users have access to convenient practical collaboration resources, resulting in productive meetings and reduced costs.



Learn more about Cisco spark for retail:

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Get started with Spark; have a look around thew easy to use interface that you could use to enhance your collaboration experience:

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