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Meet the team

Our talented and passionate Business team strive to deliver the best service and tailored solutions to meet your business needs. Each individual brings invaluable expertise and know-how. Introducing the Global Enterprise business leaders here at JT.

Name and Job Title: Katie Corbett, Head of Corporate Sales.

What are you / your team responsible for? We look after the needs of all of JT’s large corporate clients across the Channel Islands and the UK.

What gets you out of bed in the morning? The fact that I have to get 3 kids ready for school before I can start my working day – breakfasts, uniforms, packed lunches, sports kits, homework, lab coats, the list goes on. The Corbett household functions like a military operation between 06:30 and 08:00, there’s a lot of checklists to cover off and people to organise, much like work really.

Why JT? I can’t abide being bored and luckily that never happens because at JT there is, quite literally, never a dull moment. It’s fast-paced, challenging, exciting and we’re constantly evolving and moving forward. This, coupled with the fact that I work with an amazing group of talented and dedicated people, makes it a really great place for me to work.

Tell us an interesting fact about yourself: I worked for the UK’s first Internet Service Provider as one of their very first employees.

Name and Job TitleSue Sproston, Head of SME Sales.

What are you / your team responsible for? To develop, motivate and drive a team who deliver outstanding customer service to 1,800 Small to Medium Enterprise customers in Jersey and Guernsey.

What gets you out of bed in the morning? Usually Scritti (the cat)! Coming to work to hopefully contribute something to the business whether that be improving a customer’s experience, coaching and developing someone to enable them to do their job even better, being involved in reshaping a process or working with other areas to identify gaps or areas for improvement.

Why JT? Because it’s a great place to work where people feel valued. We’re small enough that our Executive Committee refer to us by name but large enough to make a difference to the way customers are able to work and grow their business.

Tell us an interesting fact about yourself: I once delivered room service to Phil Lynott of Thin Lizzy (that will only mean something to those old enough)!

Name and Job TitleWilliam Murphy, Government Programme Director.

What are you / your team responsible for? We are responsible for managing the supplier relationships between JT and the States of Jersey and Guernsey.  We are also reviewing the opening up of new markets in the UK public sector. JT is uniquely positioned to work with public sectors, given its heritage and relationship to The States of Jersey.

What gets you out of bed in the morning? Solving new challenges.

Why JT? We’re a fast paced and agile business. We’re made up of 4 people that care for our customers needs and want to provide the best solutions possible.

Tell us an interesting fact about yourself: I’m a keen photographer.  


To find out about JT’s leadership team and Group Board visit the Our People section here.

If you’d like to find out more about how the JT team can help you, please call;

Channel Island Business enquiries please call 882345

Global enquiries please call +44 20 7920 2000.

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