JT welcomes CICRA confirmation that it has best network

JT welcomes CICRA confirmation that it has best network

CICRA confirmation — JT has welcomed the findings of a recent CICRA study of CI mobile network quality which confirms that JT has the best local network.

Although this is a single study, it does support some of the results of previous surveys, such as the one conducted last year by one of the world’s recognised independent authorities on network speeds, Ookla, who confirmed that JT’s network was the best in the islands.

Daragh McDermott, Corporate Affairs Director at JT commented:

“It’s always pleasing to see the CI networks compared very favourably to those available in the UK – this study relates to the mobile network, but the quality difference is there on JT’s fixed-line broadband network too.

“We were surprised to see Sure jump on this one result to allege that they have the fastest network, which I think carries a very serious risk of misleading customers.

“Notwithstanding the fact that it is only one study, the results just aren’t that simple.

“A closer inspection shows that while Sure had quick downloading speeds in this one study (see graphic below), JT had much better uploading speeds – secondly, while Sure’s network coverage was officially branded as ‘variable’, JT’s was formally recognised as being ‘more consistent.’

“When you put all of that together, we are very confident in saying we have the best local network –  but it’s actually more important to listen to what our mobile customers think.

“The fact that thousands move to JT every year, and that we are the only operator to give them complete freedom to change provider if they want to – and the vast majority choose to stick with JT – is actually all the proof we need.”

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