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As you will be aware, in September 2018 we wrote to you explaining that during 2019 JT would be completing its move to full-fibre, and in doing so will be removing all remaining copper exchange line services such as ISDN2, Centrex and Multi Line Group by December 2019.

Replacement Solutions

As a replacement for the above-mentioned products, JT has created leading-edge new solutions, such as JT SIP and JT Cloud PBX, which offer more reliable and efficient communications for the future. Whilst your personal and bespoke proposal will outline which service we feel is most appropriate for you, further information on both solutions can be found below:

JT Cloud PBX >>


We are aware that changes like these can bring about a level of uncertainty which is why we are making every effort to ensure that wherever possible costs, complexity and downtime during migration will be reduced to a minimum.

We have also created a series of short FAQ videos below to better aid you through the transition, ensuring you have all the information you need.


Why has JT created a full-fibre network?


Why is JT moving my business to Fibre?


What are the next steps to finding an alternative solution?


What replacement services will be available to me?


Is PBX compatible with SIP?


My phone system is managed by a 3rd party provider


How do I arrange my hassle-free installation?


When is the Copper Network being removed?

Fibre Migration Overview

For those customer who would like a full overview of the project, our team have also created a Fibre Telephony Migration overview document, providing even more information for your perusal.

What action must I take?

We hope that the FAQs and migration overview above have answered some of your questions.

We will soon be contacting you to arrange a suitable migration of your services but please do not hesitate to contact us in advance if you have any further questions or would like to discuss anything within your proposal.

The Migration Timetable

  •  September 2018: Confirmation letter to all impacted companies of planned removal of copper services by end 2019 and  introduction of survey process.
  •  September 2018: Surveys on companies with these remaining copper services start to review services and start process of discussion/recommendation of next steps.
    JT Engineers visiting all locations to document what you have and what you are using it for.
    Circuits no longer required identified and agreed for prompt cease and recovery.
  •  December 2018: Migrations start to JT Cloud PBX platform.
  •  End January 2019: Local Surveys complete. If you have not had your installation examined by JT engineers by this date, please contact us or your preferred supplier urgently.
  •  1st April 2019: Migrations start to JT SIP.
  •  1st October 2019: new ISDN30 installations no longer available.
  •  1st December 2019: Start of legacy service recovery.
  •  31st December 2019: Copper network switched off.
  •  2020: Copper and related network equipment recovered.

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