Jersey’s role in combating cyber crime highlighted at international security conference

Jersey’s role in combating cyber crime highlighted at international security conference

The risks posed by ‘cyber-crime’ and the measures taken by global telecoms companies to combat it, was highlighted at the first Cyber Tech International Exhibition and Conference by JT’s Chief Relationship Officer, Tim Ringsdore.

‘Cyber Tech 2014’ took place in Tel Aviv, Israel on 27 and 28 January 2014 and was opened by Israel’s Prime Minister.  As a Tier 1 telecoms company, JT has been invited to address the attendees at the event which brought together leading multi-national companies, start-ups, private and corporate investors with senior officials of the global cyber industry.

Mr Ringsdore spoke on the subject of “how JT is protecting its network and what customers need to consider when protecting their business from cyber-attacks”.  Sharing JT’s perspective of the challenges and requirements arising from the accelerating problem of cyber-attacks on telecoms companies and how it impacts their customers large and small. In particular JT’s development of the innovative JT Lab facility, which is enabling security start-ups and other global businesses to develop innovative concepts, products and services to fight the ever changing and increasing risks of ‘cyber attacks’ on individuals and businesses.

Explaining the importance of this opportunity and the benefits to Jersey, Mr Ringsdore said: “It is vital that what we are doing here in the Channel Islands is brought to the attention of key telecommunications and technology companies around the world who can benefit from the truly unique opportunity we can offer. We are therefore very grateful for the strong partnership we have developed with the California Israel Chamber of Commerce (CICC) over the last couple of years, which has provided us with the opportunity to present JT as a case study at yet another important industry event.

“Some of the world’s biggest names in technology have expressed interest in our revolutionary JT Lab facility to test their cutting-edge products and services in Jersey and at Cyber Tech 2014, I was able to explain just why this interest has been sparked.  A number of Israeli companies are already working within the JT network and I was able to share the experience of these relationships which not only helped to promote JT but the Island and our Digital Jersey initiative.”

Speaking of the key learnings he took from the two day conference, Mr Ringsdore said: “The overriding message that came out of the event was that cyber-crime is recognised as the ‘new war’ on governments and businesses and the need for greater collaboration between companies and countries is increasing. Businesses must educate staff, including board members, by creating and promoting security policies which challenge the rising threat against mobile security. In particular the Bring your own device (BYOD) trend within the tablet and smartphone market was identified as creating even further risks.”

“The technology industry is experiencing mounting attacks at the telco, application and physical level and with the inevitable widespread use of Cloud technology and SaaS (Software as a Service) the challenges of data protection will only increase. How businesses can combat this was discussed by all parties at the event and I am looking forward to sharing my experiences at Cyber Tech 2014, with various bodies and customers in the Channel Islands.”

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