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5 key benefits of JT’s SD-WAN Solution

5 key benefits of JT’s SD-WAN Solution

A reliable and secure network is key for any business and because of the recent seismic shifts in general operations, business requirements in the connectivity space have needed to evolve rapidly. Never before has it been more crucial to ensure that your business can function in an adaptable and cost-effective manner while also ensuring your network can cope with these changing demands.

That's where JT's SD-WAN, a fully-managed network overlay solution, can play an essential role in simplifying network operations while optimising network performance. JT's SD-WAN gives organisations access to an efficient, economical solution that's reliable, secure, and highly scalable.

Software-Defined Wide Area Network: Why make the move to SD-WAN?

You may be familiar with the acronym 'SD-WAN'. But do you know how this innovative approach to wide-area networking could future proof and benefit your business? Here are 5 key benefits of JT's SD-WAN:

1. Rapid Deployment / Low Capital Investment

SD-WAN is a cost-efficient, scalable solution. When you partner with JT expertise, we simplify the start-up process for your business by managing the infrastructure.

JT's investment into the 'head-end' of the service, configured and hosted on our core infrastructure, means deploying SD-WAN over your network is much faster than traditional private networking solutions and indeed faster than most other SD-WAN services. It also means, that you get the full suite of features that would typically be available only to organisations who host and configure their own infrastructure.

As we've done this for you, you get to skip that part and enjoy a comprehensive managed service in nearly no time at all. This offloads a significant amount of the upfront costs and, thanks to our multi-tenancy capabilities, JT's SD-WAN will work for your business, no matter how large it is today or tomorrow.

2. Network Infrastructure Agnostic

Do you have multiple network connections, provided by multiple carriers, including MPLS, DIA and LTE, patched together and spread all over the globe? Well deploying SD-WAN as software overlay, allows businesses to manage, and simplify, their existing networks in one place. For businesses that rely on alternate networking services, integrating them with SD-WAN is straightforward. This means that you can keep your existing networks when you start using SD-WAN.

3. Seamless integration with MPLS

For those looking to maintain an existing MPLS, JT’s SD-WAN is easy to integrate sitting 'over the top', working in conjunction with MPLS to prioritise certain traffic on certain routes as you need it.

For existing MPLS customers, this means that your MPLS solution can be managed through the SD-WAN with ease, giving you the service you're used to without adding complexity just simplifying visibility and control.

In addition to the simple management offered by JT's SD-WAN, the integration with existing services like MPLS at a telco level, provides insights that most other SD-WAN services simply can't provide. You'll be able to keep data on your packets and routes without compromising your multi-site networking.

4. Insights & Intelligence Based Routing

JT's SD-WAN provides a layer of intelligence over your WAN automatically prioritising routing by application or traffic type. Being able to utilise all infrastructure options, MPLS, DIA, broadband or even LTE, new sites can be added to your network quickly and efficiently.

This gives you complete control paired with individual insights. It's a solution that's as flexible and adaptable as you need it to be.

5. Built-in Security

Built-in UTM/NGFW security from an industry pioneer JT's SD-WAN comes with built-in UTM and NGFW security. These solutions effectively protect your data and applications across your networks. It's a robust security solution from a pioneer in network security. JT's SD-WAN is also flexible enough to seamlessly incorporate third-party security solutions, service chaining your existing firewall solution into your network.

JT launch secure business service after successful hospital trial

Dr Chris Hare, Consultant Cardiologist, Jersey General Hospital, said: “I spent a full weekend on-call deliberately reporting all emergency scans from home. There were quite a few and they were complex. With JT’s SD-WAN, it was possible to review scans while patients were still on the table enabling rapid decisions about whether more was needed to be done or if they could return to their ward. With the system we had in place previously I would never have even considered attempting this, they were too slow, making it quicker for me to drive to work. But this new solution from JT is a gamechanger.”

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A Fully Managed Service

JT’s SD-WAN service comes fully managed as standard. Your network is managed and supported by our skilled team 24x7x365. We can remotely detect and resolve issues before they become service-impacting, no matter where on your network that is, be it St Helier or Singapore.

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