JT Lab – just a concept, or a reality?

When our Chief Executive Officer Graeme Millar officially opened JT Lab back in December 2011, he said that it could be "a historic day in Jersey's economy". However, for JT Lab to really work we needed the connectivity. This is why three years on we now have...

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JT Lab joins forces with Compass-EOS icPhotonics

JT is working with icPhotonics™ networking pioneer Compass-EOS, to deploy Compass-EOS routers at the termination points of its undersea cables, interconnecting its Data Centers. The Compass-EOS r10004 Next Generation routers feature low power consumption, a small...

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Innovation consultants join JT Group to promote JT Lab

JT Group has welcomed two new strategy and innovation consultants to act as ambassadors for JT and to provide support for its global team in promoting JT Lab around the world. JT Group is a Tier 1 communications service provider with a truly global reach and an...

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Gigabit drawing global interest

Jersey’s investment in the Gigabit Jersey project is helping to draw new businesses and innovators to the Island from around the world, says JT Chief Relationship officer Tim Ringsdore. In the last few weeks Mr Ringsdore has recently attended industry trade shows and...

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JT and Channel islands join IEEE global cloud computing lab

JT has been asked to become a founding member of the IEEE Intercloud Testbed Project which is developing technical standards for Cloud computing. JT, based in the Channel Islands, 100 miles off the south coast of England, will form part of a global lab alongside AT...

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Telecom Council TC3 conference to include global innovator JT

The two-day Telecom Council ‘TC3’ conference, being held in Sunnyvale, California is to hear from Graeme Millar, the Chief Executive of global telecommunications innovator, JT. JT is the leading operator in the Channel Islands; the English speaking, self-governing,...

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